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How to make your #StayAtHome weekend fun!

Posted on 2020-12-11 06:00:00

Staying in doesn’t have to be boring.

You’ve heard it many times: #StayAtHome. But at some point, cabin fever sets in, especially when you are #WFH as well. When does the weekday end and when does the weekend start?

Weekends are no longer special…but it shouldn’t be that way! Sure, if you are staying away from crowds over the weekend, your activities at home can be somewhat limited. But at the same time, it can be rewarding if you plan wisely, making your #StayAtHome weekends the perfect time for you to unwind, set new goals, try out new things, or finally do what you’ve been meaning to.

Here are some ideas:

CIY (Cook-It-Yourself)
Now that your weekly café-hopping sessions are forced to hit the pause, why not try cooking at home instead? Step up your kitchen game and try out new recipes – there are a ton you can check out online! You can even make a video out of the process (with a yummy end result hopefully) and share it on your social media. Not into cooking? Why not bake then? Start with simple recipes such as chocolate chip cookies or vanilla muffins.

Declutter Your Home
Don’t bring you joy? Get rid of it! Not only does decluttering give you more space at home, it actually has a therapeutic effect as well as getting rid of old stuff. Play your favourite playlist while you declutter. Listening to uplifting music can brighten your mood and reduce the overwhelming feeling from all the cleaning. Take before and after pictures to see the difference. Then reward yourself with a hot bath and scented candles while enjoying your newly purged home.

Take the party online
Next time you are making dinner, call up a friend, and make dinner together. Or have a virtual movie date with a friend over Netflix Party, a free browser extension to start, stop and pause a Netflix movie or show so you can watch it together – remotely. There’s even a chat function for you to discuss what’s going on, just like in the cinemas! Other ideas? A Zoom book club to read together, online games, and even an online workout session with friends to lose a few kilos and have fun together.

Learn a new skill
How about spending your weekends at home learning a new skill? This will boost your resume and come in handy for your next job hunt. Most of the trending skills can be learned online where there are some great tutorials and resources available. Or enroll in an online class like a language class or on social media advertising. Invite your friends to join too, even better.

Set New Goals
How often do you get the chance to rejuvenate your mind and soul? Now’s the time! Ask yourself these questions: Are you doing enough? Do you want to achieve more in life? Where do you want to be in five years? Write your answers in a journal to self-reflect, be it on your fitness, career, finance planning, anything at all. Write down inspiring quotes and a list of affirmations to say to yourself every day. A love letter to yourself can never go wrong.

Nadia Syafiq

This article was published on 2020-12-11 06:00:00

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