How COVID-19 will change the world…

By Mel Sim

And how you can survive the changes according to Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki

Everyone’s talking about COVID-19; you can’t escape it. The hot topic now is how COVID-19 will change the future of our jobs as well as our economy. It’s definitely caused some havoc and experts are predicting a recession is on the way.

Like in this video featuring Robert Kiyosaki, famed author of Rich Dad Poor Dad. Interviewed by Brian Rose (founder, host and CEO of London Real), Kiyosaki talks about COVID-19 being the biggest change of our history. But instead of being fearful of what may or may not be, Kiyosaki says that we should instead embrace the changes that COVID-19 will bring.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

COVID-19 will mark the end of the Industrial Age and the beginning of the Information Age
So Kiyosaki made an empire out of his one book – Rich Dad Poor Dad – and many more to follow after that too. But it is not just book sales that Kiyosaki is thriving on; he’s selling royalty to this book to be published in 50 countries as well as the franchise for people to use his book and his brand for workshops and seminars. Which means Kiyosaki is living like it’s 3000 while the rest of us are still stuck in 2020 when it comes to reaping in a passive income. What he’s done is essentially predicted the shift into Information Age even before it happens and now that it’s upon us, Kiyosaki is already milking it.

So what is Information Age? Where you make a living out of selling information? In COVID-19’s case, Kiyosaki says it’s all about selling your expertise in a method that can be shared many, many times over using the internet. With everyone forced inside their homes not being able to go to work physically, Kiyosaki says that those who embrace this new “business” model where you’re using the internet as your marketplace will be the ones to thrive.

What kind of business model?
Kiyosaki sells his books and whatever information that is associated with it via online courses, seminars, more ebooks – whatever he can digitise. That’s the keyword in this video – digitise. Even the interviewer Brian Rose is churning out millions using the internet to sell his products (again, books, seminars, coaching) – and he actually left a job in banking to do this because he believes so much in the Information Age.

In fact, Rose offers tips for people like personal trainers or anyone with any sort of skills to digitise their expertise and market it online, which works for COVID-19 seeing how everyone’s at home. Essentially, content is gold and if you know how to market your content, you’re good to go even if there is a recession as that’s the Information Age that Kiyosaki is talking about in the video.

Embrace the future
Sure, it may be uncertain what that might be but if you let your fear take over, you will lose out on the opportunities that will come your way post-COVID-19. What Kiyosaki wants you to do? Think out of the box and understand how to use these changes to your best advantage. Who knows, what may start as a side hustle could end up being your Kiyosaki moment!

Digitise, digitise, digitise
You know who’s making the most money in light of COVID-19? Online businesses like Lazada and tech companies like Grab and Food Panda. And you know what – they are likely to continue being the businesses that will survive the recession. Which is why Kiyosaki wants you to think of the internet and information, and how you can monetise from both.

There’s opportunities everywhere
Ok so there might be a recession or not. Your job may be secured or not. But in the video, Kiyosaki is all about seeing the opportunity even in the dimmest of situations. Essentially, it’s about staying positive and resilient – we can all get over this!

If you want to watch the entire video, it’s here. And here on Kiyosaki’s website, he writes more about how preserve your wealth and health in times of COVID-19.

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