Grow Up!

By Mel Sim

Right… real immature.

Whining. Pouting when you don’t get your way. Tattling and making a face behind someone’s back. Know who is guilty of all these? Little children, that’s who.

Unfortunately, some adults too when at work. It seems that some of us still need some growing up to do or these childish behaviours will be the only legacy we leave behind as an employee. Plus, being immature can be a major roadblock as to why you’re not progressing in your career, regardless of how good you are at your job.

While some actions are clearly immature there may be some things you do that you don’t realise actually send the message that you need to do some serious growing up. Are you guilty of any below?

#1 Being selfish and unhelpful
Kids have a difficult time grasping the idea of sharing hence they don’t like it when other people touch their things. If you are like that at work, then you may have a problem. We’re not talking about sharing physical things like your pen and paper (but if this is also you, boy do you have some serious growing up to do!) but more in the sense that you don’t like to share ideas, contacts or leads that can help your colleague get their job done effectively. When it comes to this, you think “Me, me, mine, mine”. Being selfish this way shows your immaturity and you’ll be seen as self-centred.

#2 Don’t play well with others
Some kids are rough and they don’t know how to play well. But they are kids and they are still learning. But if in the office, you hate the idea of teamwork or helping a colleague if it means going above and beyond, then you’re the “kid” who never learnt how to play well. Worse if you only help others when it benefits you. Being a team player is important for everyone’s success but if you’re the type to only do things for your own gain, well then that’s real immature.

#3 Blaming others
A kid will do everything before he or she finally admits that she’s in the wrong. Sounds familiar? You might have a colleague who loves to point fingers at everyone else when it’s clear that she’s had a role to play in making a mistake. The workplace is about supporting each other and blaming others goes against this. Everyone makes mistakes, that’s the adult truth. Not owning up to it is an immature move.

#4 Being late. A messy desk. Being rude
All three may be forgivable if you’re young but now that you’re working, it’s no excuse. You aren’t a child that needs to be told to clean up or to come on time. By now, you should know that being rude is a childish way of responding to others. While we’re on this list, add on being nonchalant about the way you dress, messy hair, dirty shoes, used cups and plates strewn all over your workplace.

#5 Not respecting someone’s privacy
Little children often go on stage five cling mode with their parents. They stick their little faces into everything, won’t leave the parents alone and keep on asking why why why. This can also happen at work – peeping into someone’s computer screen without permission, going through their desk without their approval, taking a glimpse at their mobile phone when a notification goes off, entering the boss’s room without knocking… we can go on but you get the idea.

Photo by Alexander Dummer and Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

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