#GRADUANTOP10: Things Your Boss Shouldn’t Catch You Doing

By Mel Sim

At the workplace, you really should think before you act.

The only thing you should be doing at work is work. But nah, you’re not a robot so there will be times when you’ll be doing other “non-work” things. Which is fine so long as it doesn’t disrupt productivity or create friction at the workplace, like these 10 things your boss should never catch you doing. Ever.

#1 Have a personal meltdown or drama at work
We get it – life can be tough sometimes. But that doesn’t mean you have that massive row with your girlfriend/boyfriend over the office phone and during office hours, or come into office wailing and sobbing non-stop because of an argument you had with a friend. Keep your relationship issues away from the workplace and certainly not during office hours. Save it until you get home.

#2 Gossip about other co-workers
Did you really just say that about your team leader? Or about the new HR manager? Office gossip is frowned upon so last thing you want is for your boss to catch you spreading rumours. And guess what – it makes you look bad, not the person you’re gossipping about.

#3 Spend hours on social media or on the phone
You’re paid to do work, not farm on Farmville or take selfies of yourself #hardatwork. You’re also not paid to chat with friends on the phone non-stop, discussing your Friday night plans. Unless it is part of your job, all social media activities should be saved for lunch or after office hours.

#4 Anything immoral
Don’t lie. Don’t have an affair. Don’t cheat. Don’t steal. Don’t backstab. It’s simple – just don’t do anything that will make you look bad if you’re busted.

#5 Bully or harass
Really, you want to make life difficult for the new intern? Or you’re taking out your stress on the client? Anything that makes a work environment toxic is a no-no.

#6 Share sensitive info
Your company could be working on some really high-level stuff. Or there was some drama in your office involving an ex-colleague and your boss. Guess what – whatever happens in the office stays in the office. So no, you cannot live stream a meeting or work in progress for all to see.

#7 Create office politics
Office politics often cause a disruption in a team, resulting in low morale and a really awful environment to work in. If you’re caught instigating it, you’ll be certain to be the first out of the door. Spend your time doing work and being a team player instead of trying to manipulate or get others on your side.

#8 Apply for other jobs
Oh the horror if your boss catches you sending your resume to a rival company or finds out you’ve been job hunting during office hours! It’s normal to change jobs or see what’s out there. What’s not right is if you do all these during office hours. Do yourself a favour and keep your extra-curricular job-hunting activity private.

#9 Wasting other people’s time
Love stopping by your colleagues’ table to chit-chat? Even when it is obvious that they are trying to do work? Well, that makes you someone who disrupts productivity at work and a time-waster. That also makes you someone who won’t be in your boss’s good books and likely not to get a promotion or raise.

#10 Sleeping
This goes without saying – don’t get caught snoozing on your work desk or anywhere else where you think no one will look!

Photo by Snowing on Freepik.com

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