Film Like a Pro using a Smartphone!

By Charisma Rossilia

With your smartphone, you’re one step away from becoming a “professional” videographer and here’s how.

There’s really no need for fancy equipment nowadays when you have a smartphone. We can record videos, edit, and immediately upload or share on social media. Sounds VERY practical to me.

With a lot of practice and a few tricks and tips, you can create great footage! Here’s a few tips to get you started.

#1 Invest in Shooting Equipments
Are your videos shaky? Recording without a tripod? That’s why! Using a tripod while recording is key to producing professional-looking videos. Add on lighting and you’re good to go! The easiest way to get good lighting is to shoot during the day when there is natural lighting. If you’re planning to shoot at night, it is recommended to get a few LED lights for best results.

#2 Level Up Your Audio Quality
A low-quality video is tolerable but poor audio quality? Absolute turnoff. To avoid this from happening, attach a microphone to your smartphone when recording. Nowadays, it’s easy with wireless microphones. Make sure your mic is at a good distance from you so it captures your voice clearly and doesn't pick up background noise instead. However, if you’re just starting and on a tight budget, choose an area with less background noise.

#3 Determine Your Phone Orientation
Do you want your video to be in landscape or portrait mode? It’s crucial to only shoot in one mode. Imagine watching a video that changes between landscape and portrait mode…. (your neck will definitely not approve!) Cater your video to fit the social media platform you plan to upload on. Most social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels set its video orientation to portrait. Therefore, to achieve the greatest result on these platforms, shoot your content in a portrait orientation. If you’re not recording for social media purposes, hold your phone horizontally at all times. Landscape not only makes your video more aesthetically beautiful, but it also makes it more fun to watch on a widescreen.

#4 Edit like a Pro!
Don’t have fancy desktop software for editing? No problem. There are way too many editing apps available in App Store and Google Playstore. Just download the app and you’re ready to create your best video creation! A few popular apps are CapCut, InShot, Filmr, Splice and many others. Even better, most of these apps are beginner-friendly. Everything is straightforward from basic cutting to adding transitions, titles, and effects. You don’t need to be a professional video editor to edit your videos on these apps!

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