Be part of a team that promises to enrich lives day in, day out

By Ahmed Wafi

Hartanians uphold the SHIELD values in all that they do.

For some companies, meeting individual KPIs fuels everyday work life. But in Hartalega, nothing exceeds the importance of its SHIELD values that govern the daily life at the world’s largest and most innovative nitrile glove manufacturer.

It’s true that in order for businesses to prosper, a strong foundation of values is crucial. At Hartalega, these values propel employees to continously strive towards reaching greater heights. Here’s a breakdown of what SHIELD values really mean.

Synergy. More than just about putting individuals together but about working in synergy by complementing each other’s expertise and strength to further elevate the results and deliverables.

Honesty. What it means to Hartalega is to constantly practice honestly from executing everyday tasks to making business decisions in order to uphold the highest integrity.

Innovation. The key to Hartalega’s growth. By continuing to innovate the way things are done, only then can the organisation continue to stay relevant and ahead in the industry as they have done for decades!

Excellence. This is about being the best. Hartalega’s insatiable appetite to constantly surpass its own achievements has transformed what started as a single line production facility into the world’s largest producer of nitrile gloves. From ensuring the cleanliness of the offices and plants to delivering the best quality products to the world, Hartalega continues to stay true to its mission in delivering the best possible protection to those working with their hands.

Learning. A staple at Hartalega. It is a journey to perfect skills and widen knowledge. There is always room for improvement!

The key to achieve all of the above? Dedication. Hartanians are dedicated to go the extra mile to have synergy in teamwork, to be honest in all things that they do, to innovate and to learn in order to achieve excellence.

These values set out as inspiration to Hartanians to share the vision of enriching the lives of everyone they encounter be it their own team members, suppliers or customers.

The company’s vision of enriching lives is achieved everyday as seen in its recent donation of over two million pieces of gloves to the health ministry during the sudden surge of COVID-19 cases in May.

In an organisation that employs over 8,700 members with plans to create another 12,000 jobs, trust is essential to the growth of the organisation, be it the responsibilities entrusted into its people or the trust from their customers in using their gloves.

Hartalega often conducts townhalls and company-wide briefings to update Hartanians on the latest happenings in the organisation. In addition to that, the company has also launched an internal portal called Hartanet that is accessible to all employees to keep themselves abreast on the latest company developments and other essential information.

Senior management also constantly engages with their people to get a better grasp of what really happens on ground and are consistently seeking ways to improve the working environment, making it more conducive to all.

Team members can also expect to be part of a wide variety of training programmes conducted by inhouse coaches and are encouraged to undertake external trainings to gain new skills. This was reflected in the Hartalega Learning Centre, where the company invested RM6 million in facilities and full-scale production technologies.

Highlighting the importance of work-life harmony, Hartanians can enjoy the perks of their very own recreational club, Hartagize! With a mission to encourage physical and mental well-being of their people, the club often organises fun sporting activities, gotong-royong sessions, and company outings.

Hartanians can also have a peace of mind knowing that their medical concerns are taken care of. With an in-house sick bay, employees feeling blue can get treatment and medical advice from certified doctors and medical officers on site! Identified high-risk team members will be sent for frequent medical checkups in hospitals and receive further treatment if required.

Sounds like a team you want to be part of? Your chance to speak to a friendly Hartanian is coming up at GRADUAN Aspire this 9 to 12 July!

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