Be future-ready with agility and adaptability!

By Dania Aziz

At Samsung, its people are the key success factor that helps navigate the challenges amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Founded as a trading company in 1938, Samsung is now one of the largest technology companies in the world. Having to face various obstacles over the years, ranging from war to financial crises, it is certainly not an easy feat to be who Samsung is today.

Growing together with its people and profitability have proven to be the greatest strategies in challenging times by Samsung. During this pandemic, Samsung has been committed on prioritising the welfare and well-being of its staff as a way to shape the future of the corporation. This is because it believes employees who are well cared for perform at their best!

After quickly recognising agility and adaptability as key success factors, Samsung managed to adapt to this new circumstance swiftly, despite the questions raised on whether the pandemic's impacts were here to stay. The transition into the post-pandemic world was also made easy thanks to the great technologies such as Samsung VPN and the laptop equipped to employees.

To galvanise its workforce productivity and ensure its survival, Samsung focuses on refining the core values of its people, the core to its success. The managers are trained to be people managers instead of task managers. Well-being support was also provided as it was deemed as essential in bringing employees together while being away from the office. For example, to keep employees engaged and informed of the company’s direction, a slew of new initiatives has been launched.

How does Samsung strive to be future-ready?

People have always come first at Samsung. Besides providing the necessary resources and platform for one's growth, Samsung assists in the development of a healthy learning culture as a driver to help push people forward. To encourage its future leaders to uncover and maximise their potentials, Samsung offers tailored mentorship programmes, in addition to the free and open learning resources where individuals may customise their learning plan to their needs.

Besides having a strong presence in many countries as a multinational corporation, Samsung aims to be a diverse workforce and make everyone feels belonged by implementing the Great Workplace initiatives. Due to the pandemic and remote working arrangements, these initiatives have been brought online. This is because it is important for the staff to have a positive working environment, whether at home or at work.

Social media platforms have been utilised to run internal challenges and engage with employees on a regular basis to keep them informed about the company's direction. Other than that, internal processes and rules are imposed equally and the needs of employees are taken into account. This is strategy to shape the employees to be problem-solvers and change-enablers.

To ensure inclusivity, Samsung focuses on upskilling and learning. This organisation allows learning to be defined by the learner themself which lets the learner determine the core modules that embody Samsung’s principals.

Flexibility and adaptability are the two key skills that have helped Samsung navigate the post-pandemic world. Despite the negative impacts of COVID-19 on the economy, Samsung managed to record an increase in employee productivity as well as a positive increase in sales and profit!

Following COVID-19, a new era of uncertainty will emerge, requiring organisations and people to modify their behaviour and mindset once more. With so many uncertainties remain, Samsung emphasises on having the right platform and the right reason to grow because an acquired knowledge or skill is as good as an undiscovered commodity if you cannot contextualise and apply them in real life.

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