5 Ways To Take Credit Without Coming Across Like a Brag

By Mel Sim

Let your boss know what you did and own it.

The workplace often runs on collaboration but there will be times when you’re doing more work or taking on more responsibilities than your colleagues. Which is why it is important for you to claim credit for the work done because when it comes to raises and promotions, this is what will give you leverage to get what you deserve. But how do you claim credit without seeming like you’re bragging or making your teammates look bad? Here are five smart ways to do it.

#1 Speak up with your ideas and updates
With so many people involved in a project, it is all too easy for your contributions to go totally unnoticed, especially if you’re the type to keep quiet about things and rather be done and over with it. For your boss and everyone else to acknowledge what you’ve done, it is important for you to be an active participant. During meetings and discussions, speak up with ideas and share your updates. This way, you’ll be heard and won’t be assumed to be completely uninvolved. Looping everyone in on where you are and what you’re doing is the way to go to claim credit for your contribution in the end.

#2 Be humble but don’t sabotage yourself
When your boss compliments you on a job well done, you are most likely to say, “Thanks! But I didn’t do much – so and so did most of the work.” This is common practice – you don’t want to come across as a brag so you’re more likely to downplay what you actually did. Our advice? Stop. It’s great to be humble but you don’t have to sacrifice yourself in the process. Instead, say this: “Thanks! It wasn’t easy to track down all the references so that we could all start working on compiling them in one file.”

#3 Put it down in paper
Not the type to talk about your achievements or contributions? Then a subtle but also effective way to make sure it is known to your boss is to write him or her a recap report or email update on what you’ve done, what you’ve achieved and what you plan to do net. Highlight the tangible and obvious stuff where you’ve contributed so that it is accountable. But be sure to also give credit to everyone involved so that it doesn’t seem like you’re taking credit for everything.

#4 Don’t hide behind the scenes
You may be the most junior in the team which is why you feel it is safer to be behind the scenes, especially if you don’t know as much as the rest of the team. Uh-uh, not a good idea. Every little bit counts in a project and no matter how small your contribution may seem, it all adds up. You do what is required of you at your current position and make sure you are seen as actively engaged.

#5 Take on a leadership role
One great way to make sure that you get the credit you deserve? Take ownership and assume more responsibility. You’re the one in charge and if it all goes well, then you’re also the one who will be credited for the success in leading the team. If there are hiccups along the way? It is a great opportunity for you to think quickly on your feet and show your boss you’re capable of adapting to unexpected changes as well as lead a team to work according to these changes.

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