5 Reasons Why You Should be Part of TEAM SETIA!

Lots of love from LeAnne Asha Vijiarungam , Talent Development Executive (Group Human Resources)

As every company has a story of its own, here is ours and a glimpse of what “Team Setia” is all about…

Growing leaders from young
In Setia, we strongly believe in growing leaders from as young as being a fresh graduate, right to the top management because leadership is an ongoing journey. To be a great leader, it is important to have a “growth” mindset – which means having a strong belief that you want to keep learning and growing as an individual, both for yourself and with the company. Setia provides plenty of opportunities and programs which are created specially to focus on our employee career development. For example, for the senior management, we have the Harvard Leadership Direct and People4ward programs; for new managers, the PeopleXcellence program; and recently launched last year, we have the PersonalExcellence program which is specially designed for high performing executives!

Learning from industry experts
Want to know what else is great about Setia and how we emphasize on learning? We have a beautiful multi-generational workforce, which very simply means that we have Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z all under one roof. The greatness to this is that Setia embraces an environment that allows the younger generation to be able to learn from their very experienced senior leaders. Setia, having been in the industry for more than 40 years has grown industry experts and individuals who are keen to pass down their knowledge and expertise to their juniors – which graciously creates a safe place to learn from the best. This just shows that learning can be from different channels both online and offline. Coaching and Mentoring with on ground experience is real!

Teamwork calls first!
Our very famous trademark is calling out “Team Setia!” before we start an event, gathering or meeting because in Setia, we have such a strong belief in embracing teamwork by ensuring nobody gets left behind whilst embracing diversity in all that we do. Some may vouch that Setia is a family-oriented organization because Team Setia truly is a very large family of diverse and colourful individuals, with a similar goal of simply wanting to be the best in all we do. The culture of an organization can only be maintained when its people share the same values, here in Setia, teamwork and diversity are some of which we hold very dear to our hearts.

Gender diversity and equal opportunity
Setia is also a strong believer in gender diversity and providing equal opportunites to all who join our big family. As a property developer, one may think that our company is dominated by the male species, but that is not all true. To date, almost half of employees in Setia are female. With a clear purpose of empowering women in the workforce (alongside the ever so supportive men in the company), Setia has built a strong women’s network named Women of Inspiration, also known as [email protected]. [email protected] was launched in March 2017 and has been actively facilitated by very passionate diversity advocates (DiVA) across the group; with the aim to empower women and develop a strong talent pipeline for female talents of various generations who are supported by the right work environment. We cannot emphasise more on teamwork and diversity, as [email protected] believes in realising the potential of women, retaining them in the workforce, and most importantly raising the ladder by accelerating women representation in top leadership roles.

A culture of execution excellence
“To be the best in all we do”, this truly is our vision in Setia. In Setia, we face any and every curveball together and we celebrate all our achievements together. As a company, we may not be the most ‘extravagant’ per se, but what we are as Team Setia, draws back down to the core nature of our unique culture, and how precisely quick we are as industry executors. We stay relevant and make things happen, we have crossed borders and nurtured talents. And as industry leaders, we will continue to learn and grow so that we can keep developing and growing our talent pool – because if our people are not growing, our company cannot keep going.

If you are seeking to be part of Team Setia, here are a few key notes to take on:

Be energetic and enthusiastic about joining us because there is plenty in store that will require your fresh energy (i.e. our yearly Annual Dinner event performances which you will get to participate in and be trained by professionals! Do check out the videos on YouTube).

Be humble yet show us what sets you apart from the rest – perhaps your personal “unique selling points”? In Setia, we believe in bringing in the best and nurturing the best, so be bold and show us the best version of you.

Finally, keep that drive and remember that what goes down must come up – show us that you are a go getter and will not give up when the going gets rough. There will always be someone to help pick you up.

This is my story; we want to hear yours.... #whatsurSCRIPT

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