4 Perfect Opening Lines For Your Cover Letter

By Mel Sim

Dear sir, I am writing this letter in response to your job opening….

STOP. If you’re still using this as your cover letter opening line, then this article is for you. Whether you know it or not, your cover letter is in fact the first thing a recruiter goes through to get a sense of who you are (and whether you’re an attention to detail kind of person – so no mistakes!). Which means yes, it does get read and yes, it matters how you start in order to captivate or excite the person reading it.

Essentially, your cover letter highlights the reasons why you’re the best person for the job. It also demonstrates your ability to communicate effectively. So if you’re doing a basic I would like to apply for the job opening, you’ve lost a lot of points already.

What you need to do is hook the recruiter so they want to continue reading and learn more about you. Maybe even be interested to actually want to meet you in person!

So what should you do instead? Try these four perfect opening lines.

#1 Show excitement
Recruiters don’t want to read the same old boring cover letters. They want to be inspired by you and have that sense that you’re super excited about the opportunity available. If you can excite them through your cover letter, you can bet that they will be excited to want to meet you too.

Try this: When I read that my dream company is hiring, I knew immediately that I needed to jump at the opportunity. And when I found out it was for a position that I have plenty of experience in, I was certain that I would be your right hire.

#2 Start with your achievement
Don’t blow your trumpet too early? Nah, forget about that – if you have it, show it! The fact is you will be competing with a lot of other people for the same job. So if you know you have the chops to succeed in the role being advertised, then you need to let the recruiter know as well.

Try This: If you’re looking for someone who is a fast learner and eager for new skills, then I am probably not the right candidate. But if you’re looking for someone who can jump straight to the deep end and stay afloat easily because of my years of experience in marketing, then you and I should have a chat.

#3 Passion works too
OK so you may not have the right experience but you can be truly passionate about the subject. Or maybe you are currently at a junior level and want to move on up in the industry you really love. Recruiters love it when the person applying for the job seem genuinely interested in the role – and your cover letter tells a lot about that.

Try This: Ever since I could reach the kitchen stove, I’ve been cooking up a feast for my family. My friends call me Masterchef but I’d much rather call myself your next sous chef.

#4 Just be different! We are instantly attracted by new and different ideas… so to just open your cover letter without that basic line is a start already. Do anything to get someone’s attention but do it with some class and professionalism. You want to sound like a person who thinks out of the box and not someone who is rude and annoying.

Try This: Stop the presses! Because the content manager you’re on the lookout for is here to give you 100% originality and creativity.

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Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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