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Posted on 2018-06-04 03:53:00

Lim Eng Seong, Country Head Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Malaysia, HSBC, shares his five tips for a relatable and enjoyable workplace.

When you do what you enjoy, you’d never have to work a day in your life.

#1 DEFINE WHAT YOU WANT AND WORK FOR IT <br>Be clear about what you want. If you’re unsure, select an area you have interest in. For instance, which industry you want to be in, what kind of career you envision yourself in, and where you want to excel. Then put in your share of effort and hard work to pursue it. You have to work hard as there is no shortcut to success.

#2 LEARN TO PRIORITISE <br>The ability to prioritise is essential in order to focus on what’s important. You need to say no to certain things.

#3 REACH OUT AND NETWORK <br>Get to know people and interact with them. Once you know more people, you’d find a sense of belonging. Tap into the brains of your seniors and ask them to share their insights and knowledge with you. Be part of the community with a desire to win.

#4 ENJOY WHAT YOU DO <br>When you do what you enjoy, you’d never have to work a day in your life – this is proven by most successful corporate figures. They enjoy their work, they have defined the space to build their careers, and they constantly find ways to overcome difficulties and challenges.

#5 BE A TEAM PLAYER <br>You need to get your hands dirty collectively and come together to find and propose solutions. Everyone should try their best to seize the moment and succeed together.

By Alice Yong

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